Awards and Recognitions

At London Plumbers, our dedication to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction has not gone unnoticed. We are honoured to have been recognized by industry leaders and environmental groups for our commitments and achievements. Our awards and recognitions include:

Best Eco-Friendly Plumbing Service Award: Presented by the National Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors, this award recognizes our efforts in leading the industry towards greener and more sustainable practices.

Customer Service Excellence Award: Awarded by the Consumer Relations Consortium, this accolade highlights our exceptional customer service, responsiveness, and positive feedback from those we serve.

Innovative Solutions in Plumbing: This recognition comes from the International Green Building Conference, applauding our integration of advanced, eco-friendly technologies in landmark projects like the Old Town Hall renovation.

Community Service Award: Given by the local government, this award acknowledges our contribution to the community through our services and by participating in and sponsoring local environmental initiatives.

These awards and recognitions testify to our team’s hard work, passion, and dedication. They motivate us to continue setting higher standards for ourselves and the plumbing industry. By choosing London Plumbers, you are choosing a company committed to meeting your immediate plumbing needs, achieving broader environmental goals and contributing positively to our community.

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